Introducing MEGAMAX...

In addition to everything from classic to contemporary furniture and interior goods, we also stock a wide range of items to help enrich your everyday life, including home fashion items, electrical appliances, toys, clothing, branded accessories and bags, all at amazing outlet prices.
If you get tired walking around our enormous stores, you can take a break in one of our free drinks areas, complete with a range of refreshing beverages from soft drinks to piping hot coffee. Just take the weight off your feet and relax in one of our stylish, modern chairs.
For shoppers accompanied by children, each store has a Kid's Corner with picture books and videos to keep children entertained.
Give it a try and pop down to MEGAMAX, your local furniture and interior amusement park. You might even end up spending the whole day there!

What's Furniture Outlet?

Normally, Furniture stores' selling style is a contract before ordering.
So, you can look at only sample.
"Furniture Outlet" means bargain.
you can buy looking at and touching real thing.

What's Outlet Furniture?

"Outlet Furniture" means furniture sold on the bargain. Reason for the affordable price are various.
Small scratches during transportation,and discontinued Products, Disposal of excess inventory is also "Outlet Furniture".

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日本最大級の家具アウトレット 千葉NT店 One of the largest Furniture outlet store in Japan.
MEGAMAX Chiba NT store
5-1 Nishinohara, Inzai-shi,
Chiba prefecture 270-1334
[Opening Hours]

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神奈川県最大の家具アウトレット 厚木店 One of the largest Furniture outlet store in Kanagawa.
MEGAMAX Atsugi store
5-31-1 Tomuro, Atsugi-shi,
Kanagawa prefecture 243-0013
[Opening Hours]
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